Worlds The Prettiest FlowersThe primary purpose of flowers is perhaps attraction to us. We are lured and associated to flowers since quite some time now. Using flowers to cheer someone up, to give it away as a present, to express one’s feeling and even on a death-bed of someone to show how much we care!


What pretty flowers do to these emotions and feelings is that they add an extra to each of it and sometimes what we cannot say is transferred by the flowers we choose for the person. So if you are choosing a flower, say, for your wife, which flower would you choose to show how much she means to you? Confused?

Follow the list of some of the prettiestflowers in the world to decide for her and for several other people you care about or just for the purpose of filling up your garden with these beauties:


  • Cherry Blossom:

These beautifulflowers are perfect for a wedding ceremony to be carpeted on the walkway for the bride and groom. They are even auspicious to light up an evening or somebody’s mood.

Worlds The Prettiest Flowers

  • Dendrobium:

When the talk is that of prettiestflowers, how can an orchid go unnoticed? Dendrobiums are genus of orchid popularly available and grown in the backyard and even indoors beside a window sill. They include over a thousand species, each more beautiful than the predecessor you already own!

  • Calla Lily:

This elegantly beautiful and delicate flower is visually pretty but actually belongs to a group of poisonous species. They are highly toxic yet stunningly gorgeous!

  • Begonia:

Begonia is yet another magnificent flower that could be grown in indoors as well as outdoors. This flower is known for the beauty of the flower itself along with its leaves and has its history shared in England.

  • Hyacinth:

Not only charming and delicate on the outside but these are a bunch of flowers that possess a mystical fragrance within them. They come in great varieties of colors so you have a lot many choices to choose from.

  • Rose:

The symbolic flower of love and romance could not be excluded from perhaps any mention of flowers. Its charm and beauty is not associated to any one specific color. Each color of rose carries a different meaning and message.

  • Sunflower:

The happiest flower on earth that can make people happy just by its big, bright, cheerful bloom! It cannot be ignored and is used to brighten somebody’s senses or an abandoned or dissociated area of your house. It is globally recognized as the symbol of happiness.

  • Strelitzia:

This flower is full of awe-inspiring beauty and this is the reason why it is commonly called ‘The bird of paradise’. In South African region it is also known as crane. It has a combination of ultimately vibrant colors with a shape that adds splendor to its beauty.

Worlds The Prettiest Flowers

  • Lily of the Valley:

A favorite of the brides! These white bell-shaped flowers have always been associated with feminine beauty. There is nothing in the world that compares to the delicacy and enchantment of the white colored bell-shape of this flower.These are also sometimes called ‘Our lady’s tears’.

  • Wildcat Orchid:

The orchids just keep coming back to secure their position as the prettiest flower! Undoubtedly orchids are a bunch of flowers that contains a long line of beautiful ancestors (species as we call them) but the wildcat orchid is lovely and charming in its own unique way. With the pattern of a cat, this orchid outstands other hybrids of orchids with is striking design. It almost looks like a pattern on a live wild cat. Take a look at it for yourself and be the judge of it.

Flowers are indeed beautiful to look at and own, each graceful and charming in its own magical way. These alone present the fact as to how God has created Heaven on earth or how much of the miracles are there in restore for us by Him. Take some time out, go and check with a nearby florist if all of these are available and provide your eyes with a sense of peace and calmness. These are worth a try and you will be flabbergasted with the elegant beauty they possess!

The Prettiest Flowers of Worlds
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