What is the Queen of Flowers?

Queen of Flowers

Often people may ask, which flower is the Queen of Flowers? Many think that it is the rose, however the Rose is actually the King of Flowers. If it is not the rose then what flower could it be? The Queen of Flowers is actually the orchid, (give yourself a pat on the back if you got that one right). It may come as surprise to some, but orchids actually deserve to be labeled as the Queen of Flowers, because not only

What Do Yellow Roses Mean?

Yellow Rose Meaning

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers found all over the world. Their beauty is enhanced by the pleasant aroma that emanates from their petals. Roses have inspired generations of writers and poets and they are used freely by lovers to express their feelings of emotional attachment towards each other. Roses come in different colours and different colours have been assigned different meanings over the ages to develop a whole new language of rose colours. Yellow roses are one

What Do White Roses Mean?

White rose meaning

Roses are believed to be the kings of all flowers because of their supreme beauty and sweet aroma. Roses grow in many different colors like red, yellow, pink, orange, white, blue, and so on with different colors signifying different human emotions. So what do white roses mean? Let’s find out in this article. White roses signify new beginnings White roses are often considered to be a symbol of beauty and elegance. They are usually associated with new beginnings like marriage

Tulip Mania – The Economic History of Tulips


Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers grown and cut on earth today.  They are perfect for any occasion.  Tulips are not too big or small, not too romantic or childish, but just perfect for almost any occasion.  Throughout the history of Tulips, people caught on to this trend very quickly.  Tulips are native to Persia, where the local population commonly displays them in their turbans.  Europeans first discovered this flower and asked what they were called.  The Persians

Tropical Flowering Plants

Bird of Paradise

Orchids (The Most Common Of The Tropical Flowering Plants) Orchids are one of the most common tropical flowering plants that you can readily find.  Not all species of Orchids are tropical, but they all will give you the tropical feel you are looking for.  You can find beautiful Orchids in any color but blue, and in a wide variety of bloom sizes and shapes.  Orchids are given for many occasions, and are prevalent throughout history as a sign of wealth

Best 7 sites for pictures of flowers and 50 inspiring images

Best 7 sites for pictures of flowers and 50 inspiring images

There is nothing as quite as captivating as the natural color of flowers; but we are not always able to travel to a location which presents nature’s beauty. But since the advent of the internet we can travel via cyberspace in a matter of seconds to any location no matter how remote and from our computer view even the rarest of flowers. We have collected a group of sites which share pictures of flowers. Below you will find various sites

Types of Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

  Wedding is that amazingly memorable day that everybody captures in their memory, with you, in case you are the one who is tying the knot, as the strongest guardian of such a pleasant memory. Deciding on the dress, food, venue, guest list and everything is equally important. However, the choice of decisions doesn’t end here. There is one more important one to make for your wedding and that is the choice of flowers that you should have in your wedding. It

Types of Flowers

Types of flowers

Flowers are loved the world over for their beautiful colors and delicate or dramatic displays.  Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common and more popular types of flowers. Alstroemeria Alstroemeria can be found, and naturally spreads, in the wild. This is a perennial flower that is usually available in an orange color and stands for the ultimate symbol of friendship. Hybrids of Alstroemeria flower type can be found in a variety of colors like yellow, white,

What is the King of Flowers?


There are many beautiful and unique treasures for us to admire within the natural world. One of those is of course the flower, or perhaps all flowers. Each flower has a different meaning, a look more astonishing than the other, or a fragrance that is breath-taking. Whenever we have no idea what to get as a present for somebody’s birthday, we often think of flowers. Frequently when we want to thank someone or apologize, we buy them flowers. You might

Rose Colors & Meanings

Rose Colors & Meanings

Roses are the flowers preferred by most people when they don’t have a fair idea of what the other person may like. Ever wondered why? This flower is the most traditional symbol of love, romance and care so if somebody’s is giving you a rose, you know the person cares for you. However, a fact that you did not know is that each color carries a meaning that is all not synonymous to showing care only. Let’s find out what

The Prettiest Flowers of Worlds

The Prettiest Flowers of Worlds

The primary purpose of flowers is perhaps attraction to us. We are lured and associated to flowers since quite some time now. Using flowers to cheer someone up, to give it away as a present, to express one’s feeling and even on a death-bed of someone to show how much we care!   What pretty flowers do to these emotions and feelings is that they add an extra to each of it and sometimes what we cannot say is transferred

Best Smelling Flowers

Best Smelling Flowers

  Sometimes flowers are a little more than just about their looks. In fact, fragrance is an added feature that most of us consider as a necessity. Why? That is so because it is more about their fragrance, the kind of vibrant colors they come in and their availability, than it is about how they look to most of us. Think of all the flowers that were eye-candy but didn’t turn out to be amazingly fragrant. There are several of