How to Grow and Care for a Moth Orchid

how to care for orchids

Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis sp.) look delicate, but are actually a very hardy plant that are easy to grow in a container at home. A testament to their hardiness is the fact that this orchid is the most common variety, sold year around most anywhere fresh flowers are sold. Moth orchids, also referred to as Phals, are often displayed in public places, such as medical and business offices – another testament to the plants hardiness and easy maintenance. If you’re interested

Spider Orchid Care – A Guide to Keeping One Alive

Candy Spider Orchid in full bloom

The Brassia Orchid, or Spider Orchid, is another great genus of the Orchid family. They produce medium-sized spectacular flowers that resemble spiders. In the wild, this attracts spider-killing wasps, a method of spreading pollen from one plant to another. The plant itself takes up a large amount of space with its sprawling spikes and flowers. A single plant will typically have up to 20 blooms at a time in a wide variety of colors. With the introduction of hybrid versions,

Orchid pruning: diseased or overgrown

Orchid pruning: diseased or overgrown

It does not matter if orchids were received as a gift, or if they were planted simply to provide aesthetic beauty, there will be time when the flowers begin to fade. Because the orchid is such an exception and out-of-the-ordinary type of flowering plant pruning them can be accompanied by anxiety. Pruning orchids can be beneficial for the plants and is not a difficult task as long as one is careful about how it is pursued. Why prune orchids? As

How long do Orchids Live Growing Indoors?

How long do Orchids live

Orchids are magnificent flowers! Despite having no smell, which is the case for most orchids, they are still widely admired. Orchids kept inside the home can actually become a feature of your décor. If used for this purpose, however, you may wonder how long do orchids last growing indoors?  You may also wonder the same thing if you are planning to give an orchid to someone as a gift. Orchids are indeed a great gift to give for several reasons:

Where do I Cut My Orchid Spike after Flowering?

A Typical Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Taking care of an orchid is more like a part-time job. However, this is somewhat different in a way that seldom is the case that it requires attention and when it does, it is a full-time job. When you are through the stage of choosing an orchid, next is the most popular question: Where do I cut my orchid spike after flowering? A question that is asked every now and then by orchid-keepers as we call them. So

How to care and handle fresh cut flowers

Care and Handle Fresh Cut Flowers

  It is nice to receive or present a bouquet of flowers from someone, be it a special occasion such as your birthday or you get it on a regular day to have it brighten by the flowers. Sometimes a single flower is more than enough to make somebody’s day! When you don’t know what the other person would like for a gift, hand him/her a beautiful flower. This is because flowers carry a meaning, an essence of love, belongingness