Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants
Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants


Adding flowers to the décor of your house on holidays gives a splendid beauty and elegance to it. And if you have fresh flowersand plantsin abundance growing in your backyard then you need not worry about the expense it would incur.



All you have to do is to just worry about that the decoration, you are about to get started with, should end up what you wanted rather than something out of nowhere!



Be it Christmas or any other holiday, invite friends with the idyllic floral decoration and give the feeling of outdoors inside your home. Let’s get started now, shall we?



Below are floral arrangement ideas for homedécor with different plant themes and in some cases, a mix of seasonal and other flowers and plants.

Discover and become the expert:

• HomeDécor with Tulips:

Tulips are a perfect choice in spring for a reason that the most beautiful of these appear in spring so a seasonal decoration could add charms to your house in wondrous of ways. They are also number one in preference in this season because of the colors they come in are appropriate colors for the season itself: yellow, pink, orange, these are colors that are traditionally associated to the spring season.
What you could do with these tulips is that arrange them in white ceramic vases, a bunch of single-colored tulips or multi-colored tulips, both would do great. Pastel colored vases is another great idea for a spring décor and considering the ultimate spring festival, Easter, you could actually place your tulips in Easter themed vases. The perfect positions to place tulips-filled vases are to place them on kitchen counters, window sills or use them as a center piece for dining table. These would look great in white ceramic bowls that are deep and simple vases made of glass on a mother’s day to give it a warm look. Use soft colors like pinks and white for this occasion.

Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants
Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants


• The Ultimate Orchid & Holly Décor:

Orchid has the charm and elegance that perhaps no other flower possesses. If you are an orchid lover, you would love a homedécor with orchids. Let’s take the example of a Christmas holiday here. White is the theme color here so choose a large white orchid arrangement and use it as a center-piece for the room.


Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants





Another idea is that of using holly: a seasonal flower that is associated with Christmas time. This plant has dark-green colored leaves with red berries which makes it a perfect fit for the Christmas time. Place it in a decorative bowls on different corners of the house or use sprigs of the plant’s leaves along with fresh red roses placed inside a crystal vase to decorate surfaces throughout your home. Jasmines in colored and crystal bowls are another great alternative if you want a sweet aromatic fragrance to disseminate inside your home.


  • Lilies and Leaves:

This one’s for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Combine orange calla lilies and artificial, or real, fall leaves and use these bouquets for decorating surfaces such as shelves and tables in your home. Use pumpkin-themed vases to give them a Halloween feeling. Pastel colors for Thanksgiving would do. Lilies of the valley and carnations are another great idea for Thanksgiving to add a charming touch to your house. Home décor of lavender would add to a great fragrance throughout the house. Just add one long lavender grain to the corner of each vase that you use.

Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants
Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants


Additional Tips:

Apart from the specific ones, here are some tips in general for your home décor:

  1.  Try using live plants in whole. They last longer than the flowers that have been separated from the mother plant.
  2. If you want grace and elegance to spread around the house, simply use one specific color. This adds a great deal of gentleness and splendor to the housethan the onedecorated with several different colors. Although, versatile and vibrant colors works out just fine on certain occasions. The ones that fall in spring season, Easter and Mother’s day, would fall in this category.
  3. Fragrance is equally important as the visual beauty so there is a need to concentrate on that as well. This is basically what flowers are usually known for. Try adding flowers like lavender and roses in a mix with other decorated flowers to fulfill this need.
  4. Don’t forget to use themed accessories to give it the feel of that specific holiday.


Follow the ideas and impress your guests with the perfectly floral decorated house of yours. Of course everyone likes to hear compliments. Not only this, you will surprise yourself with what you have done to the house without hiring anyone from the home décor services. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants
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