best smelling flowers


Sometimes flowers are a little more than just about their looks. In fact, fragrance is an added feature that most of us consider as a necessity.

Why? That is so because it is more about their fragrance, the kind of vibrant colors they come in and their availability, than it is about how they look to most of us.

Think of all the flowers that were eye-candy but didn’t turn out to be amazingly fragrant. There are several of such flowers!

Now, can you think of flowers that look gorgeous and have a pleasantly sweet and fresh scent?

Let’s not make you think anymore but have your eyes witness the truly beautiful flowers that have such dreamy aroma that it is actually breath-taking:





1)      Rose:

The traditionally oldest flowers in gift-giving has topped all like a cherry on a red velvet cake! It is perhaps the best smelling flower that distinguishes itself amongst the several other blossoming shrubs of flowers in a garden. Day or night, roses are the best choice to fill your garden with or have them set in a vase for an aromatic dinner!

2)      Gardenia:

These heavenly white flowers are sweet scented flowers. Their smell is surprisingly very strong and heavy. It is absolutely okay if you plant this inside your house. However, beware of the side-effects! Everyone who steps in to your house would want a few of these, you can’t just possibly continue to distribute it to just everybody now can you?


3)      Sweet-pea:

The sweetest smelling flower that may not last long when cut but are delicate and smell great while they last. There are various varieties of this flower having different colors and scents for each variety. Some fragrances are not that distinguishable but one could tell the difference if they have smelled sweet-pea so many times that it has become their favourite sweetest smelling flower ever!



4)      Lilac:

These small flowers grow on shrubs and have a scent that spreads around for quite a perimeter. They come in great many colors and perhaps these are the wonderful qualities that has made lilac a favorite gift-giving flower. They are usually bought and sold and even being cut in bunches considering their size.


5)      Jasmine:

The flower that blossoms during the night when the sun goes down, yes, that’s jasmine! The fragrance is twice the times of the flower’s beauty that fills the area with a fresh perfume throughout the night. Take a walk in your garden at night with blind-folds on and this wondrous, fragrant flower will lure you to itself.




6)      Lavender:

The flower that looks like a wheat grain is a truly amazing combination of fragrance and beauty. As the name suggests, its pale purple in color, grown on shrubs and is often used with a combination of other flowers in bouquet that could add to its beauty.

7)      Clematis Ternifolia:

This white flower could be smelled from a yard away in summers but are best grown in autumn season of the year. This is one of the reasons why they are also called ‘Sweet Autumn Clematis’. Miniature in size but their growth could climb up to more than 25 feet once they have been established.



8)      Hyacinth:

Hyacinths are another delicately gorgeous combination of beauty and fragrance. Nothing beats the smell of this flower during spring time. These come in variety of colors thereby adding another feature to its beauty.

9)      Iris:

Another beautiful spring flower that comes in great many colors! They fill the spring garden with variety of fragrance from floral to fruity.

10)  Peony:

These are perfectly adorable flowers that do not require a lot of effort. They thrive on their own for years and years with a promise of filling your garden with plenty of great smelling peony flowers! There are kinds that are not fragrant at all so it is a must to check before getting it for your backyard.




Give your nose a treat and try these scented flowers to witness it yourself. You will definitely not be disappointed! And the next time you got to a florist to buy a flower for your loved one, you will know exactly which flower to pick to make their day. Now go smell some flowers on your own!

Best Smelling Flowers