Types of flowersFlowers are loved the world over for their beautiful colors and delicate or dramatic displays.  Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common and more popular types of flowers.


Alstroemeria can be found, and naturally spreads, in the wild. This is a perennial flower that is usually available in an orange color and stands for the ultimate symbol of friendship. Hybrids of Alstroemeria flower type can be found in a variety of colors like yellow, white, pink, and red colors. Alstroemeria, with its small stature yet beautiful detail, is often known as a Peruvian Lily. These can also be used as filler flowers with other blooms that are as delicate as an alstroemeria flower.


Amaryllis has many color varieties, including red, white, pink and orange, in addition to varieties that are white with colored veins. These flowers are found and cut in different heights when they are blooming for they bloom for a long time. In a bouquet, it’s important to remember the height of the blooms. These flowers are very versatile because there are so many variations. Paired with daintier bundles of blooms will make for a stunning piece.


Anemone flowers grow up to two feet tall and come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, purple and white. The bloom grows from a single, but delicate, stem. Anemones make wonderful dry flowers to keep for years and years but not fresh as they often results in irritation to the skin. If you are using Anemones in a floral arrangement then a potted Anemone, that are in dry flowers form, works very well.


Anthurium flowers make excellent houseplants. This is because they do not require much sunlight and they prefer a mild climate. However, they do not tolerate freezing conditions so it is a shame for those living in cold zones that they cannot have these in their houses or even gardens. Make sure that you keep you Anthurium well-watered, but be careful enough not to soak the bulb entirely, just enough to give it a wet look.


Asters can be annuals or perennials, depending on the variety. These are easy to grow, but require full sunlight. Smaller varieties of aster flowers can make a splendid border of your garden area. When arranging Asters into a vase or bouquet, the stalks should be cut down to low. A small, round container with a bundle of Aster looks splendid and would do just fine. Another great idea is that these flowers can also showcase a larger flower that would rise from behind the bouquet.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise flower means joyfulness and is native to South America. The foliage of the Birds of Paradise is made up of two ranks of leaves shaped like banana leaves.The Birds of Paradise is spectacular in a vase by itself because of the intensely bright hues.


Different colors of this flower type have developed different meanings: pink signifies mother’s love, red means deep love, and yellow means rejection, to name a few. In general, however, Carnations mean fascination.As Carnations are so easy to grow and popular in flower arrangements, there is very little you can’t do with a Carnation in a bouquet.


Daisies are flowers that have white petals and yellow centers.Daisies are very popular in flower arrangements because of their lovely and simplistic beauty. Although they are not complicated like many flowers, their beauty is found in their simple, symmetrical blossoms.

Standard Chrysanthemum

Standard chrysanthemums are very popular flowers in a yard or garden.They like full sun early in the morning to dry the dew off of their petals. They don’t like too much water because they are susceptible to mildew. Another interesting fact is that their blooming cycle is directly related to the amount of light they get.


Also commonly called Narcissus, Daffodils are perennial bulb flowers.When handling these flowers in a floral arrangement, it is important to pair it with something that complements the traditional golden color and brings out the beauty of the daffodil. Daffodils are lovely showcase flowers by themselves or with a bundle of other delicate flowers.


Delphiniums are planted from seeds or propagated by division or cutting.These flowers are striking when paired with other brilliant, contrasting or complimentary colors. Because they commonly grow as wild flowers, Delphinium does not require a lot of work to get fabulous blooms all spring.


In shades of pink and purple, Heather blooms in spikes of bell-shaped flowers. It is grown as an evergreen shrub and the hearty branches have been used to make a number of household goods. Although pink and purple is the most common, heather is also found in white, creams and reds.Heather is wonderful in a flower arrangement, especially in winter months.


Hyacinth is a popular and fragrant flower found in red, blue, white, orange, pink, and violet or yellow. Hyacinths should be planted in clumps in a garden. These flowers do not do well as cut flowers but they work very well as a potted houseplant.


The flowers of the hydrangea grow in spherical clumps on the bushblooming from early spring to late summer.Hydrangeas make lovely cut flowers and are very popular in floral arrangements. They also dry nicely.


Iris, a true blue and exquisitely beautiful flower. It is also a very popular cut flower. This is partly because of its many colors, sizes and shapes. With over 200 different sorts of irises, it’s not difficult to find a variety that will match any bouquet.These types of flowers are hardy perennials that come in about 200 variations and can bloom blue, purple, white, yellow, pink, orange, brown, red and occasionally black.


Larkspur, or Delphinium consolida, is a family member to the buttercup. The irregular shaped blooms grow in tight florets off the plant’s stalk.They can be found in pink, red, purple or white. Larkspur grows great against an upright structure like a fence or near a tree. They make a lovely backdrop for smaller, more delicate flowers in a complimentary color. They should be planted in rows like vegetables.


This innocent looking flower carries the beautiful meaning of youthful innocence. Lilacs have a very fragrant, sweet smell. The blooms cover the branches of the shrub, with many small florets. The flowers form from the ends of the branches about six inches down. The rest of the branch is covered in light green leaves.A spring and summer perennial, this flower needs very little care, with the exception of light pruning.

Calla Lilies

The Calla Lily represents purity & magnificent beauty. Whether it is a silk calla lily, an artificial calla lily bouquet full of white calla lilies or bulk order of single stem calla lilies, they look great and enticing on just about every occasion. Specifically prefer these flowers for weddings, funeral or simple present a single calla lily to your beloved on any day to make it special for her. They come in a variety of colors but the magnificence of this flower lie in the white color the reason why it is preferred over other colors by most buyers.

Oriental Lily

The line of lilies doesn’t end here. Apart from different colors, lilies are available in variety of kinds each having a different name and belonging to a different class. The Oriental Lily is another popular variation of the lily.It is very fragrant. This flower is commonly called the Stargazer lily. Dark reds, pinks, yellows and whites are some popular colors of the Oriental lily, but the petals have a good degree of color variation on them.

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are wonderful cut flowers. They add bursts of color to any bouquet. They do not have a strong scent, so they are great to pair with more fragrant flowers.


Lisianthus is a delicate blossom that is bell-shaped with flaring, petal-like lobes. This is remarkable as a cut flower. It can last nearly three weeks in a vase and is very easy to pair with other gorgeous flowers. They also work well as potted plants.

Cymbidium Orchids

With orchids, you have over 22,000 species to choose from. Cymbidium Orchids, also known as boat orchids, is a particular genus with about 52 species. Cymbidiums are popular Orchids because of the beauty of the flower for floral arrangements and corsages. Cymbidiums are never blue or black, but they can appear in a full range of other colors. One of the reasons of popularity of this particular orchid in the orchid family is that they can survive very cold temperatures.

Dendrobium Orchid

Because the genus is so diverse, Dendrobium differs quite a bit in looks from plant to plant. The blossom is asymmetrical and the petals droop off the bloom. Dendrobium is a flower that prefers a very warm climate. They like strong, natural sun and high humidity. Dendrobium blooms all year long. Just make sure that these beauties get plenty of water.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis resemble moths in flight because of their large, wing like petals that engulf the bloom.  These Orchids prefer moist and humid areas of the world. Phalaenopsis flowers are ideal for floral arrangement because the flowers can last a very long-time, assuming that they come from a healthy plant.

Oncidium Orchid

Oncidium generally occurs in hot, dry areas, making it common in Southern states and Central America and likes a lot of direct sunlight, preferably in the morning.Well-grown plants can have several sprays of blossoms, so take care of your Oncidium and you will not be disappointed.


Available in nearly every color except blue, peonies come in two main species: an herbaceous cultivar which dies each autumn and a tree peony that forms small shrubs that lose their leaves in autumn.In a floral arrangement, peonies excel. Their fragrant blooms can shape up any lifeless room and their multi-colored varieties can lend themselves to many floral themes. It is also important to note that cut Peonies have a long vase life.

King Protea

The color variation in a King Protea is particularly interesting: at the base of the petals, the Protea is cream or yellow and the top of the petals are bright shades of red and pink, with a lovely scale in between. Because of its size, don’t expect a dainty flower arrangement here. Cut protea is very common in commercial markets.


Rose colors vary by growing area, time of year, local weather conditions and even climate variations within the same growing area. There is even some variation of color within the same rose variety. These are the types of flowers that are a fit to just any occasion.


Snapdragons are rarely the primary focus of a piece but they make for excellent filler flowers due to their height, unique shape, and the colorful varieties, red, pink, coral, purple, white, and yellow, they come in.


Sunflowers are annual plants that can grow as high as ten feet tall. Sunflowers are not generally used in floral arrangements because they are unwieldy and can easily crush other flowers. In a vase, sunflowers are generally too large to be practical. Smaller varieties of sunflowers can be used in a vase, however.

Sweet Pea

These beauties can be nearly any color imaginable. This particularly fragrant blossom is often replicated for perfumes, candles and such.Sweet Peas make excellent cut flowers for a floral arrangement, but the effect of the flower may be better captured in a basket or a spill over planting, either inside, hanging, or near a deck or garage.


Tulips are fascinating as cut flowers. Tulips dance in a vase, making them less than ideal in a carefully arranged bouquet but fabulous in something more organic. The flowers open during the day and shut up before nightfall. Tulips keep growing after they are cut, which provides for the movement. These are such great flowers that be it any occasion, a bouquet of tulips will do just fine.





Types of Flowers