cymbidium orchids

 Another very popular orchid, Cymbidium Orchids are best known for corsages and related purposes.  They are very long-lasting and some even last for a few months.  An additional plus point to this orchid is that it lasts long even when it has been separated from the mother flower to the vase on you dining table.  These orchids can produce a lot many fragrant flower blooms on a single spike.Cymbidium Orchids like warm days and cool nights.  For best blooming results, they prefer temperatures to drop to 45-55 degrees at night.  Place this indoor plant in a window that they the drafts can cool the air some.  Just make sure that window does not get full direct sunlight.  Cymbidiums prefer a large amount of filtered sunlight.  It is best to grow this species in the window on the east side of your house or apartment.

Fertilize your Cymbidium Orchids using a liquid fertilizer from January to July.  Every ten days is preferred, using a 22-14-14 fertilizer.  The 22 is the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer.  This is important because this species prefers growing medium high in nitrogen.

This orchid will need a large amount of water during the growing season.  Check it daily and water whenever it feels light or dry.  Use the purest water possible, as the Cymbidium Orchids are greatly affected by salt accumulation, so make sure to run water through the growing medium every time you water.



Cymbidium Orchids

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  • November 27, 2016 at 2:51 am

    Do these orchids like to grow in clumps?
    Do they like to be packed in tight?
    What do I do with the bits that look as if they have died off. Dry crips bits.. ?
    Hope you can help me ..I would love to grow them…I have many pots of orchids, all given to me.
    No idea…thanks Wendy

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