Who doesn’t love to gaze at the beauty of an orchid? They speak only of natural beauty and their intricate details cause us to wonder. In general, orchids represent beauty, elegance, charm, peace and strength. But in many cultures each orchid and its color has a separate meaning. Here are several different sites which contain information about the availability of orchid colors and what they represent. Some of the sites discuss a single color of orchid and how prevalent it is. Other sites discuss just one type or color of orchid but all are informative and contain useful information about orchids.

1. Gardenguides.com

Garden Guides.com is a very useful site for the flower gardener, and it is especially useful to orchid lovers. The site lists the variety of colors that orchids may appear in and discusses the texture, features and characteristics of each one. Content on the site also discusses the type of orchid which is usually associated with each color.


2. Livingartsoriginals.com

Living Arts Originals is a site that discusses many different symbols in life and they have dedicated one page of their unique site to discussing the symbolic meanings of orchids and their colors. The authors describe the different symbolisms associated with orchid colors in both the East and the West.  They also take time to describe proper gardening techniques in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the orchid.


3. Blueorchid.org

Blue Orchard.org is a very useful site for those who love blue orchids. The site deals with everything blue orchids from tips on how to care for them, the various types of blue orchids and the symbolism behind the hue. There are also many different photographs of blue orchids for the visitor to enjoy while learning from this very informative site.


4. Orchidflowers.wordpress.com

This blog is all about flowers and gardening; but pages are dedicated specifically to providing information about orchids. One blog post discusses taking care of purple orchids specifically; but there are also a variety of tips on how to care for orchids in general. The blog provides much practical insight and guidance when it comes to orchids and their unique color schemes.


5. Orchid-care-tips.com

Orchid Care Tips.com has everything the newbie orchid enthusiast will need. Pages include tips for general care, growing guidelines for beginners and the different types of orchids. Types of orchids are identified by several features including their color and Orchid Care Tips goes into detail on how to identify and care for the wide variety of orchids available.


6. Orchid-expert.com

Orchid Expert.com is a vast site which covers a wide variety of topics pertaining to orchids and their care. Authors also have content which pertains to the colors of orchids and lists the various colors such as pink, purple, red, white, yellow, green, blue and mixed colors. The content is complimented with many different photos of orchids in natural settings.


7. Orchidscaretips.com

For those who want to gain information about growing, maintaining or simply enjoying orchids of any variety, this site is a must. The topics are varied and cover a lot of useful information, but the photographs of colorful orchids are simply breathtaking. Each photo demonstrates another stunning color of orchid and the photos alone are worth the time spent on this useful and interesting site.


8. Everything-orchids.com

The description of this site is indeed in its name, Everything Orchids. The authors of this site have taken the time to compile a comprehensive list of topics having to do with orchids and their care. They also have photo galleries which display a wide variety of orchids which are considered to be either pink or white in color.


Orchid Colors: 8 sites about orchid colors and meanings

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