Can you eat an orchid?

salep orchid

The title of this article might appear odd to some people who have so far known orchids merely for their sublime beauty and elegance. Can you eat an orchid is a question that can flummox any ordinary individual who is not aware of its edible characteristics. You must have seen rose petals sprayed all over the birthday cake in a wedding or a birthday party but never thought about orchid as an edible flower. Some species of orchids are edible

My Huge List of Orchid Abbreviations

List of Orchid Abbreviations

Orchids are one of the largest groups of species in the world with over 20,000 accepted species. There are twice as many orchid species as there are bird species on this planet. Orchids can be found on every continent and in just about any climate you will find. I have researched as many orchid abbreviations as I could find for orchid species and constructed this list. That being said, I obviously could not collect all 20,000+ names and put them on

Pictures of Orchids


Flowers are some of the most intriguing members of nature, as well as some of the most colorful. Many people enjoy planting them in their yards or gardens to enjoy the beauty they provide and others like to use them as potted plants indoors and out. Selecting new plants can be a difficult task if one does not know what type of environment the flower is accustomed to, especially with delicate flowers such as orchids. Browsing through pictures of orchids

Orchid Colors: 8 sites about orchid colors and meanings

Orchid Colors: 8 sites about orchid colors and meanings

Who doesn’t love to gaze at the beauty of an orchid? They speak only of natural beauty and their intricate details cause us to wonder. In general, orchids represent beauty, elegance, charm, peace and strength. But in many cultures each orchid and its color has a separate meaning. Here are several different sites which contain information about the availability of orchid colors and what they represent. Some of the sites discuss a single color of orchid and how prevalent it

Our List of Orchid Colors

Orchid Colors

Orchids belong to a very diverse plant family and because they have thousands of species they are one of the world’s largest groups of blooming plants. Flowering orchids come in literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes, from tiny blooms to very large ones. Their blooms also come in dozens of different colors and in many cases colors will combine and make unique bi-colored shades. Orchid colors cover a full spectrum of possible colors which makes color choices nearly endless.

Orchid Origin | History of Orchids

Origin of orchids

Orchids are one of the most sought-after flowers. They are expensive, elegant, dainty, rare to find and possess a miraculous beauty. Of course not everyone can afford to buy an orchid on their way home as a gift too often. However, even a one-time gift of an orchid signifies feelings of love, romance and friendship.  In this article, we will discuss the history of orchids (or orchid origin) Orchid Origin: To better understand the origin of the orchid flower you

How to Make Orchids Re-Bloom

How long do Orchids live

Orchids are known to be loyal flowers, at least many hybrids are, for many at time they don’t require special attention day and night. Best for busy people, these flowers could have a difficult time in blooming and then re-blooming for the entire period of time they live. However, there needs to be put a small amount of effort on the research of your orchid before buying. Many varieties require immense effort in blooming. If you are not an enthusiast

How long do Orchids Live Growing Indoors?

How long do Orchids live

Orchids are magnificent flowers! Despite having no smell, which is the case for most orchids, they are still widely admired. Orchids kept inside the home can actually become a feature of your décor. If used for this purpose, however, you may wonder how long do orchids last growing indoors?  You may also wonder the same thing if you are planning to give an orchid to someone as a gift. Orchids are indeed a great gift to give for several reasons:

Facts and History of Orchids

History of Orchids

You want to express your feelings to someone or show him/her your appreciation but are a little reluctant to do so?   Then why worry, just buy some flowers and express your feelings. Sometimes people find it hard to express themselves or describe their feelings in words.   Simple solutions to their problems are flowers.     God has provided us with beautiful flowers which makes the world even prettier.These flowers are just not for adding to the beauty of

Best Flowers to Say Thank You

A Bouquet of Pink Carnations

Say ‘Thank you’ in a much thoughtful way by giving flowers. Send your loved ones ‘Thank you’ flowers to tell them how pleased and glad you were for whatever they did for you. It isn’t necessary that you send a pal of yours a bouquet of roses saying that you are thanking him for inviting you to his wedding. You could always be creative and send the other person a flower on the least expected occasion that has meant a

6 most beautiful orchids

Leopard Orchid

Find out the world’s most beautiful orchids!   Although, all orchids are beautiful but there are few that outnumber the beauty of the rest. These aesthetic ones out of the widespread family of fragrant and blooming flowers are sometimes rare to found and are expensive. While any orchid is brilliantly ecstatic and majestic in its own way there are others that are classified exclusively on the basis of their color combinations and shapes. The 6 amazingly beautiful orchids are listed

How to grow Orchids at home

Dendrobium Orchid

Growing an orchid sounds like climbing a mountain to some. However, if you learn the art of doing so, it’s really a piece of cake and is soon to become your addiction. Think of all the beautiful, colorful plants that would add to your indoor surroundings. You’ll need not have any artificial flowers or spend a lot of amount on getting fresh flowers to decorate your table beautifully for meal times if you have orchids readily available at home. The

How to take care of Orchids

How to take care of Orchids

Learn the basic tips for taking good care of your orchid plant. Orchids are really a challenge when it comes to growing them indoors specifically at home. One of the major reasons why orchids are literally murdered is when keeping the consideration in mind that it is a tropical forest plant many lead to over-provide the care and protection. It is a good way of taking care of an orchid but only in certain areas. Not many people know of

What Is An Orchid?

What Is An Orchid?

Have your child, friend or a work colleague ever asked you, “What is an Orchid?” and have made you put, “I wish to be a science-geek or a taxonomer at least”’ on your wish list? The feeling is mutual with many out there when being asked the same question: “What is an Orchid?” A reminder: You need not always be an expert on something to know that specific thing, sometimes it just takes a few moments to know the basics

Kinds of Orchids

Orchid has one of the biggest flower families, following 120 are the most notable orchids. Aa Abdominea Acampe Acanthephippium Aceratorchis Acianthus Acineta Acrorchis Ada Aerangis Aeranthes Aerides Aganisia Agrostophyllum Amitostigma Anacamptis Ancistrochilus Angraecum Anguloa Ansellia Aorchis Aplectrum Arethusa Armodorum Ascocenda Ascocentrum Ascoglossum Australorchis Auxopus Baptistonia Barbrodia Barkeria Barlia Bartholina Beloglottis Biermannia Bletilla Brassavola Brassia Bulbophyllum Calypso Catasetum Cattleya Cirrhopetalum Cleisostoma Clowesia Coelogyne Coryanthes Cymbidium Cyrtopodium Cypripedium Dactylorhiza Dendrobium Disa Dracula Encyclia Epidendrum Epipactis Eria Eulophia Gongora Goodyera Grammatophyllum Gymnadenia Habenaria Herschelia