Say ‘Thank you’ in a much thoughtful way by giving flowers. Send your loved ones ‘Thank you’ flowers to tell them how pleased and glad you were for whatever they did for you. It isn’t necessary that you send a pal of yours a bouquet of roses saying that you are thanking him for inviting you to his wedding. You could always be creative and send the other person a flower on the least expected occasion that has meant a lot to you. Your wife prepared a candle-light dinner for you after several years of marriage; she definitely deserves as delicate a gift as flowers. A friend of yours visited you when you were sick; send him a flower that you are thankful to him! Following is a list of flowersto choose from:

  • Carnation (pink):

A Bouquet of Pink Carnations

Pink carnations mean gratitude and they naturally tell the other person that you are thankful to him/her.

Lily Casablanca:

This amazingly beautiful flower could carry the message for a friend to a friend saying ‘Thank you’.


Roses are everywhere when you think of presenting flowers to someone. Send a mix of beautiful red and pink roses to let the other person how great you feel and that you couldn’t thankenough.


Send a bouquet of these and he knows that you are abundantly thankinghim for what he/she has done for you.






Bouquet of Sunflowers
Bouquet of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are cheerful looking flowers that would brighten other person’s moods along with expression of gratitude.




The meaning that this flower holds is ‘friendliness’ all the way! So if you’re thanking a friend, send this and he’ll know what you mean.  






This is another cheerful flower that shows how glad you were to be with your friend, colleague or a family member. Give it after a sought after meeting with that person. There are several choices like blossoms and lilies that you could choose from. If you are going for something more thoughtful and expensive, try brightly colored tulips and orchids. These flowers are meaningful and beautiful. Not to forget that these could never go unnoticed so saying ‘Thank you’ with these is telling the other person that you felt special.

Best Flowers to Say Thank You
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