The best way to say ‘Sorry’ is to unravel your sentiments by giving meaningful flowers.

Do you know the most admiring way of saying ‘Sorry’? Well, it is, but of course, when you present flowers, preferably with a sorry-card tagged on it. It is an amazing feeling to receive flowers when you’re hurt. So this technique of making up with your significant others, even friends and family, is perhaps the most conventional but still a very thoughtful thing to do. Flowers, when chosen rightly, always present the meaning in the most wondrous of ways. It is indeed true that a better way to say sorry is say it with flowers.

It is often difficult to decide what kind of flowers carry the meaning of an apology. The thought that appears first strikes in the direction that one should aim for is the receiver’s favorite flower, color or both. This is so because it is considered to be a sign that you truly care for that person as you have kept his/her preferences in your mind while sending a bouquet or two. Here’s a list of flowers to keep in mind, apart from the preferences, that could mean that you are sorry:

  • Roses:

You could never go wrong with roses in just about anything! Select some good blooming, long-stemmed, red and white roses for a bouquet and insert in a card where you could scribble all the hearty matters of your choice that you’re regretting and those that you want to return to.


  • Daffodils:

Gorgeous Daffodils

Gorgeous Daffodils
Gorgeous Daffodils

The meaning of flowers has evolved since centuries. Daffodils may have meant cheerfulness before but they now mean chivalry and are perfect to present to a woman if you have broken your heart, have played unfair with the friendship vows and related situations where you are sorry enough.


  • Exotic orchid garden – bouquet:

This exuberant looking bouquet represents that you definitely want to replace the feelings of deception and hurt with joy for the receiver. It is indeed a very thoughtful ‘sorry’ bouquet.


  • White orchids:

White Orchids

White Orchids
White Orchids

Orchids come expensive and they automatically carry the meaning that you really care. So you need to be a little more careful while selecting these as within orchids, there’s again diversity of meanings. A white orchid carries the message of peace and ‘thinking of you’ thought. Send this to a friend or a lover after a heated argument that you regret.


  • Gerbera Daisies:

They come in variety of colors so you now have two choices here: Either send two of each color packed beautifully in a bouquet; or just select one color that you know is receiver’s favorite.


  • Lily of the Valley:

Lily of the valley is you implying strongly that you want the other person to return to the happiness that the two of you once shared – a perfect apology!


  • Marigold:


Marigold is ravishing and is a heart-comforter. So if you think that you’ve hurt the other person to an extent that you might not be able to return to talking terms for basics, send this flower and tell him/her that you are truly and deeply sorry.

Remember, these are just few of the many choices. If you are unable to decide, go with the color and flower preference of the person you want to say sorry to. Either ways – Good Luck!

Best Flowers to Say Sorry
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