Deciding on whether your man would like flowers? We guarantee that he’d love it!


Just like women, men like to feel special too. They may seem to be all tough and protective in nature rather than being protected but they have a sense of belongingness too that remains a void until someone fills it. Men like to be recognized and cherished when presented with a gift just as women do. If you want your man to feel special, send him flowers. No, it’s not feminine at all. However, there is a whole science behind it when it comes to choosing flowers for men. Just remember one simple rule: Keep his image and personality in mind and you will conquer over him.

The best tip to choose flowers for men is use bright and vibrant colors rather than pastels as they are too feminine. Another idea is to send him exotic flowers or plants to ensure his manhood is not hurt. Follow are some of the flowers that are rated best for giving to your man:


White Calla Lilies with Red Roses:

White Calla Lilies
White Calla Lilies

A bouquet with a combination of white Calla Lilies and red roses is the ultimate symbol of purity, affection and love! Send this to the love of your life on a very special occasion like your wedding anniversary. How about on the day when you first met him to remind him that you still love him and adore him and that it continues to rise in tendency and will never come to a decline.


Bamboo Orchid:

This exotic flower represents love, affection and holds within itself a message that you really care for him.





Macaw Flower:

Macaw Flower
Macaw Flower

This flower is red in color, very rare to find so you have it there. When you give the man you love, he’ll know that he is so very special to you and by the way, this flower gives out very manly vibes!


Red Ginger (Alpinia):

The color red is very vibrant and the flower itself is quite a sophisticated choice. Send this to his workplace. A mix with Lilies would do to make a great bouquet.



This is indeed a flower that is considered specifically to be a perfect gift for a man. It presents your admiration towards him along with the perfect choice he’s sure to love.



Giving this white colored chamomile with a yellow center, mixed with lilac or lavender flower for providing combination, is the best gift when you want to send a message of ‘patience’. The right time to send this to your man is when he’s facing a very complex problem or is going through a difficult phase in his life.


Cactus Plant:

Cactus Plant
Cactus Plant

A recent survey showed that above 50% of men responded that they would love to receive flowers. See? Men are not outcasts of the society. They are even using flower arrangements to decorate their offices and apartments. How about he uses a bouquet or two received from you to deal with bright arrangements?Cactus plant is another choice if you think of him as too sporty a person and that he’s sure to dislike the idea of receiving flowers (he might consider this as an attack to male ego for rare is the case than someone really hate flowers anyway). Present him with a cactus plant to point out his strength, endurance and will-power to face the world, much like the cactus itself.

Best Flowers to Give a Man
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