Flowers, the best gift a man can give to a woman.


Men often don’t know that a best gift a man can give to his lady is perhaps a bouquet of flowers. Why? Flowers are indeed never too old a trend for a gift or any occasion. It is a gift that could lighten up anybody’s mood and could make anybody’s day. Women like flowers because it makes them feel special and since they are, most of the time, in need of personal attention, flowers do the job for it. This romantic gesture will always be appreciated and adored by women of all ages and belonging to any profession. Women are known to be romantic and love being pampered and flowers does just that to them.


Here are a few flowers to enhance your knowledge on the best flowers to give a woman:

Red Rose, the ultimate symbol of love!
Red Rose, the ultimate symbol of love!



Much overrated and quite conservative but romantic flowers to give are roses. A bunch or a single rose with a long stem would make any woman feel special. Red and pink roses or a combination of colorful roses would do. Perhaps the best flower to opt for on your first date.




Iris is such a gorgeous flower that just giving one would make your lady’s day. They represent a lot of meanings, love, hope and even your admiration for her. Giving an iris to your wife is just the perfect gift for her.

Sunflower & Other Wild Flowers:
Sunflowers and wild flowers represent longevity and loyalty and could put a smile on her face given at any time of the day. They are preferred over other flowers, like roses, for they don’t die too early.

A Bouquet of Carnations
A Bouquet of Carnations


Carnations come just next to roses when it comes to showing love to your lady. They make a very enticing and colorful bouquet. They also make a great combination when mixed with other flowers and are easy to be planted at home. Surprise the woman you love with the latter case.

Perhaps the most sophisticated choice for a flower is lily. A bouquet of this amazingly vibrant flower is sure to melt her heart (yes, it means that they could be given as ‘sorry’ flowers too in order to lighten up her mood). When mixed colorful wild flowers, they are also a perfect gift to be sent at her workplace just to remind her that you’re thinking of her.


The best thing about orchids is that there are 20,000 species to choose from. Since they are expensive (and every girl knows it) it is sure to make her feel that you adore her, love her and cherish her. Surprise her with a new orchid every time and you are sure to win her heart.

Tulips wrapped with a red ribbon, how romantic!
Tulips wrapped with a red ribbon, how romantic!

You can never go wrong with choosing tulips for your lady. They are a perfect gift to express your eternal love for her. Buy several colourful tulips and bind them with a red ribbon to tell her that how unconditionally you’re in love with her.

Daisies are cheerful flowers and are perfect for making her day when she’s back home from a very tiring work-routine. Set them up in a vase just before she arrives and this will be the most romantic gesture she could ever think of!


You now know how to brighten up your love life or transform a boring, tiring day for her into an exciting and cheerful one with flowers. Get them fresh and your sentiments will never go unnoticed!

Best flowers to give a woman
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