Present orchid lovers with a great many orchid-themed gift ideas.


Orchids are loved by all those who have love for flowers. Such people prefer giving and receiving orchids for a number of occasions. What if there comes a time when you have to plan for a gift for such a person? Of course you want to be creative enough and don’t want to be redundant by handing over orchids.


It wouldn’t be a new deal for him/her. What you can do is present him with something that is an orchid-themed gift so that the receiver will become an admirer of how thoughtful you were!



Ready to get started? Go through the following list of orchid gift ideas and decide the one you love:

  • Paper/Clay Orchid:

If you think the other person loves creative ideas and you have a knack of creativity then prepare some orchid made out of paper. Color them as per the receiver’s favorite orchid or color and present them like a regular orchid bouquet. The difference between the real ones and paper orchid would be that the latter could be kept safe for as long as the other person’s pet don’t tear it apart.

  • Pot Pourri Orchid Designs:

Get pot pourri baskets for orchid-like designs or the ones in box. It’s a great idea for a gift.

  • Orchid Scented Soaps & Body-wash:

There are plenty out there in the market. You just have to find the right ones. Wrap the soaps (at least half a dozen) and two bottles of body-wash in a box, secure it with a red ribbon and voila! You have just come across the most aesthetic orchid gift ever. Your sweetheart is sure to adore it.

  • Orchid books:


The person we are talking about here is a serious orchid addict. He is crazy about orchids and even grows them in his backyard. What you can do to amaze such a person is present him with orchid related guide books with an orchid flower in a pot to show you really care. You can never go wrong with this one. An added suggestion: consider the guide book that reflects deep knowledge of orchid growing and taking care for if you’re targeting this person, he’s sure to have the basic knowledge of it. Also, make sure there are plenty of pictures inside the book so the reader could enjoy while he reads it.

  • Orchid Gift Box:
Orchid in a glass
Orchid in a glass

Dried colorful orchids placed in glass are also wonderful. Not only this, place an orchid in a glass bottle to beautify it.



  • Framed Orchid Photograph:

Think of yourself as a photographer for a moment and then mull over whether you’re a good one. If you meet even the least criteria of descent photography then you know what to do: Just take a close shot of a beautiful orchid, frame it and put a pretty ribbon just on the top and send it as the most perfect orchid gift ever. You can also go for painting if you’re a really good painter.







Present your loved ones with these orchid-themed gifts and surprise them.

Orchid Gift Ideas
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