The Valentine Day is coming and you haven’t decided on what flower to give to your valentine? Or have you? Often “Roses” are associated specifically with this special day. A single rose does the job, yes, but it quite monotonous to present your beloved with a single rose-bud each Valentine Day. She deserves much more than just that! Besides, everybody is giving away roses so let her be the special one to receive a flower from you that is extravagantly surprising and exciting for her.

Thinking of a flower other than rose on the Valentine Day is indeed a problem. Luckily, here’s a solution just right for you! Pick a flower from the following list and make a change of tradition this Valentine Day. Don’t worry, these are all specific and in relevance to the day for your sweetheart. Beginning with a red rose is the tradition with assurance that creative surprises are to follow it just under:



  • Red Rose:

A red rose tops the list of course for it is the most bought away flower on the Valentine Day. It clearly states “I love you”. So instead of being too much creative and spending time on research, present her with this. Read on for more exciting ones.

  • Carnations:

Although carnations are a great bunch of flowers to be given to your mother but that is not all the purpose they serve. Each color of carnation has a different meaning and it is the pink carnation that is for your mother on a mother’s day. How about a dark red carnation to be the replacement of a red rose bud? Sound’s perfect! The dark red carnation means deep love and affection towards someone so clearly it is for your beloved on a Valentine Day. Carnations are also known to last longer when cut. Let her know your love will last even longer, perhaps forever!

  • Tulips:
Tulips wrapped with a red ribbon, how romantic!
Tulips wrapped with a red ribbon, how romantic!

While tulips fall in the category of one of the most beautiful flower types, not many people are aware of the magic these flowers have. Pink tulips stand for love and affection which is similar to the concealed meaning of a red rose. If you present her with a bouquet of tulips, this has to be joyous and the most surprising Valentine Day to date. Do not, by any means, consider the meaning of each tulip as similar. Like every flower that comes in variety of colors, different meanings are associated with different colors of tulips. As an example, a yellow tulip stands for a hopeless love. You don’t want your girlfriend to be baffled, now do you?

  • Daisies:

These lovely flowers stand for innocence, faith and a loyal love all the way. Presenting your loved one with this would mean that you stand true to her, will not turn your back on her and your love will remain loyal throughout all the Valentine Day that passes by in your lifetime. You want to spend all those Valentine Days with her, beside her. How romantic!

  • Hibiscus:

Pretty colors and a delicate flower full of mystifying beauty! What would this flower say? This would definitely be a compliment on her delicate beauty as the flower itself. A girl loves being complimented on her beauty and therefor she is definitely going to love this flower.

  • Hyacinth:

A great choice for a Valentine Day! These are delicate flowers with an amazing fragrance to add to their beauty. Giving her this will have her bedroom smell of a sweet fragrance for a few days. This will be a constant reminder of your creative love meant just for her.

  • Lilies and Irises:

Lilies and irises both are beautiful flowers and smell great. Giving away a mix of these in a beautiful basket of flowers will make this day even more special for her.

  • Red and White Roses:

A bouquet of both red and white roses is another one of the magnificent choices on a Valentine Day. Both the colors carry a deep meaning: A red rose means true love by all means while a white rose stands for purity and innocence as of a bride. A combination of these is definitely a perfect choice for a Valentine Day.

While roses would do just fine, there are flowers that would add a little more creative touch to the message you are trying to deliver to your Valentine. Another piece of advice is to attach a card or at least go prepared with what you want to say. Do not depend on the flowersalone to do all the job for you and besides, adding a personal message is always the most romantic thing to do when giving away flowers!

Valentine’s Day Flowers
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