Laelia Orchids

These Orchids produce 2-3 very large flowers per flowering.  These flowers can grow over 8 inches and are available in a large assortment of colors.  Blooms typically last for months after they first appear in autumn or winter.  This type of Orchid was used as a cultivator to produce some of the most beautiful Orchid species available today.

Laelia Orchids need to be grown in a well-draining potting mixture in order to survive.  These Orchids naturally grow mounted to the bark of trees, where water comes and leaves rapidly.  You can grow this orchid mounted on slabs of tree bark, but humidity must be high.  If your grow you Laelia Orchid in a pot, use pine bark with clay pellets to ensure that the water drains very quickly.

Your Laelia Orchid will thrive in bright conditions, so a sunny windowsill will work best.  They enjoy bright sunlight, but do not enjoy direct sunlight.  Make sure that they are shielded from the sun’s rays by other plants or a sheer curtain.

Water this Orchid often, since the growing medium will not retain much water.  Your Laelia Orchid will need to be watered 1 – 2 times a day according to the temperature and amount of sunlight it receives.  You can back off watering for the winter, while the flowers are in bloom.  Fertilize your Laelia Orchid with normal Orchid food at ¼ to ½ the suggested rate during the growing season.  You can stop fertilizing during the winter when this Orchid is not growing at all.

Laelia Orchids
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