epidendrum orchid

These Orchids produce a large cluster of orange, yellow, lavender, red, or fuchsia flowers,  which are typically a solid color but can also be found with spots or streaks.  They produce those flowers on long, reed-like stems.

Epidendrum Orchids are one of the first genera of Orchids established.  There are well over 1,000 species that fall under this Orchid type.  Some grow best at sea level, while others thrive at higher elevations.  That being said, I will only cover the care of the most common Epidendrum Orchids.

This Orchid species should be watered often and abundantly.  They enjoy a wet growing medium, so don’t let it dry out.  Depending on the temperature or amount of sunlight it receives, you should expect to need to water every 4-5 days during the growing season.  Slow down watering during the winter when the growth of you Epidendrum Orchids has slowed down significantly.

You Epidendrum Orchids prefer medium to high amounts of light.  Look at the color of your leaves to determine if you are providing the right amount of light.  If the amount of light provided is perfect, the leaves will be a grassy green color.  Too much sun will turn the leaves a brown-bronze color, and not enough will cause your Orchid to grow extra tall in search for light.  An East facing window should be the perfect location for this type of Orchid.

Epidendrum Orchids
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