Flowers are the best way to convey one’s feeling. The language of flowers is such an auspicious language that it can help to set anybody’s mood for the day. However, the common association attached to flowers most of the time is that flowers are meant to be a present for lovers or on somebody’s death bed.

It is not unusual to give flowers as a symbol of love to a wife, girlfriend  or partner. But which are the best to give simply as friendship flowers?

Yellow Rose:

yellow rose flowers for friendshipYellow rose is commonly known to all. It is given to friends on friendship day and thus is a true symbol of friendship. This is an inevitable fact. Did you know that you could give these to a friend even on his/her birthday? Or when a friend has moved to a new house? Other meanings that this yellow rose conveys are gladness, joy, token of remembrance and the likes. Pale roses are also used for the same purpose but yellow is a lively color and commonly known to all.

Blue Tulips:

blue tulip flower for friendshipBlue is the color of loyalty which is why blue tulips are considered friendship flowers. This is the sole reason why that specifically color ‘Blue’ is to be chosen. The Tulip itself is a beautiful flower carrying a message of love. Give your friend a blue tulip and impress them with your knowledge of flowers that symbolizes friendship. Present it to someone you know very well, perhaps a best friend?


ivy flowers of friendshipAlthough this is not a well-known flower by name as it is hardly seen in every neighborhood, it is a friendship flower. If you think you can go beyond limits to get a flower-full gift for your buddy, then you have to be certain that you get them an ivy flower. The other relevance of ivy is for newlyweds. This must have definitely rung a bell that it could be given to a friend who recently got married. A perfect wedding gift for your friend!


Iris Friendship FlowerThe Iris is yet another flower that, like the rose, carries a strong meaning of friendship. It clearly says how you feel about being friends with the one you are presenting it to. Giving this would mean that your friendship is everlasting and it means a lot to you. Being a potent symbol of friendship, this flower also symbolizes valor, hope and compliments.


Sunflower friendship flowerAlthough sunflowers do not necessarily come on top of the list of friendship flower they can also be a good way of letting the other person know how glad you are to be friends with her/him. The bright yellow color, the texture and everything about the sunflower is magnificent! It is a common belief that the sunflower signifies happiness and is known as the flower that carries the message quite exuberantly.


Daisies flowers of friendshipDaisies are a bunch of beautiful flowers fit for any occasion. They also signify friendship. A white daisy is the most common daisy known and that is the perfect flower to let your friend know how much you care. However, this flower comes in a wide array of colors and a more thoughtful approach would be to give your friend a bouquet of several colorful daisies. Give these to your good friends and let them know how much they mean to you!

Flowers speak a lot about your heart, what you feel and actually convey the messages that sometimes you are unable to utter in words. This is known as the language of flowers. Although all these flowers are perfect for giving to friends but there could several possibilities when it comes to presenting your friends with a gift of flowers. One possibility could be that when you choose a flower and are unable to decide or are not so sure what a certain flower would mean then it is best that you do your homework of research on them. Other possibility is to simply choose a flower that you know is a favorite of your friend.







Flowers for Friendship
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