Phaius Orchids

Phaius Orchids are very easy to grow in your home.  However, they are not so widely grown by many Orchid collectors.  They have large, colorful and fragrant flowers that are tube-like to compliment the large leaves.  These flowers can reach sizes of 5 inches across, placed on 4-foot spikes.  You may hear these referred to by the nickname nun’s orchids.

Nun’s Orchids like to live in warm areas that stay between 65 and 75 degrees during the day.  They prefer temperatures to drop down to 60 degrees at night, so a drafty window will work well.  They can do fine in higher temperatures if kept moist and out of direct sunlight.  They prefer large amounts of bright indirect sunlight.

This Orchid type needs to be fertilized every other watering during the warm season.  Use a well balanced fertilizer and balance the pH level.  The pH level should be between 5.5 and 6.3 for best results.  After the warm season, slow down the fertilization to once every 4-5 waterings.  Fertilizing a Phaius Orchid will help force it to flower again, so do not skip this vital step.

Water your Phaius Orchid about once a week, or any time you notice that the growing medium is dry.  Water thoroughly to ensure that all extra salts are washed out from the last watering.  Do not let the growing medium dry out entirely, or this species will die quickly.  Feel the weight of your plant when watered and when getting dry and use that to determine when to water.

Phaius Orchids
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