Floral Astrology
Floral Astrology


Zodiac signs, in different cultures, may not allow you to judge a person completely but it at least gives a vague idea of categorizing a personality to a certain extent. For instance, all the Scorpios are passionate, a person having a sing of Aquarius is fond of living independently and Taurus is practical in their dealings of matter. It is much easier to identify a person like this, is it not? If you answered to the question then you may like the idea of knowing the floral astrology for the purpose of giving a passionate Scorpio a flower that falls under his zodiac umbrella. Who knows he/she might as well love that flower already for it has been proven authentic in many cases.

Here is the floral astrology guide for you to follow:

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19):

Aquarians are known for their love of independence but that is not what they are all about. On the inside lies a romantic version of an Aquarian that they veil. They are loyal, honest, faithful and passionate towards the people they love. Orchids are perfect flowers to represent the strength, grace and loyalty of Aquarians. Present them with pink orchids to entice their romantic side of nature.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20):

Pisces excel at listening and understanding skills and are better off in this regard than any other zodiac sign. This is all because of the gift of compassion and patience provided to them by God. Keeping in mind their personality, consider sending them a mix of flowers and plants that are grown near the water. These may include plant arrangements with lilies of water or any other similar flower. Prepare a bouquet that is not too loud and bold.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20):

OrchidsFilled with confidence and energy, Aries tend to be leaders rather than followers. They are easily identified in a crowd because of their fiercely determined and adventurous nature. For such people, tulips, tiger lilies and an arrangement of these flowerswould do just fine.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20):

With a bull representing this zodiac sign, it is easier to make out the personality of people falling under this zodiac sign: Strong and fierce! However, this is how they want to appear to the world but on the inside they are soft and warm-hearted. They are also practical so anything that appeals to their senses would impress them. Choosing flowers such as majestic lilies, stargazers and roses would definitely appeal to a Taurus.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20):

A Gemini would best differ himself from others with his sociable, playful, mischievous and creative personality. They are highly adaptable and versatile. Since Gemini is associated with companionship and is loved, considering the lively personality and friendly warmth, roses would best appeal to this zodiacsign which stand for ‘Love and companionship’.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22):

Cancers are known for being selective and sensitive by nature. They are also fun-loving and spontaneous followed by a high degree of emotional sensitivity.Flowers like iris, delphiniums and white roses would make a receiver, who happens to be a cancer, very glad!

LEO (July 23 – August 22):

orchidsThe honorable and dignified, a Leo is identified by his dominant and extroverted nature. Leos are also warm-hearted and have a great sense of generosity. Sunflowers and marigolds are perfect for Leos as these flowers represented dominance and are considered as happy flowers.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 23):

Don’t be fooled by the shyness of Virgos for behind this shyness there is abundance of practicality and perfectionism involved. They have a good grasp of people around them and their intellectual side has a greatly influential effect on their personalities. Violet and Ivy are an amazing choice of flowersfor a Virgo as a reflection to their intellectual skills.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 23):

This zodiac sign personifies perfect balance and harmony. Love, beauty and romance are extremely important to Libras. They also happen to have quite a diplomatic personality with element of elegance involved. Hydrangeas, tea-roses, tulips or any lacey and a thought-provoked elegantly designed flower arrangement will make any Libra in your life delighted.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22):

Immensely passionate and powerful, a Scorpio is a determined personality who has strong and unshakable beliefs. With such an overwhelmingly strong personality, a Scorpio is also sensitive and emotional deep on the inside, moved by their emotions easily many at times. To complement a Scorpio’s sensitivity, peonies are a perfect match as they are symbol of romance. Other deep flowers that would appeal to this passionate zodiac are hibiscus, roses or gerberas.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21):

A Sagittarius sign of horse-and-men represents, undoubtedly, a combination of intellect and great physical strength. They are optimistic, open to new ideas, determined and seek out adventure and exploration. To present a flower that would match an ambitious and playful Sagittarius’s personality, consider carnations as they are long-lasting and symbolizes the exactness of a Sagittarius: endurance.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20):

Capricorns are disciplined and practical. They are perhaps the most stable and serious of all the zodiac signs. Their content phase is when they are secured and everything around them is steady. African violet is a plant that symbolizes security and snowdrop is a flower that is known for happiness, arrangements of either will satisfy a Capricorn in your life.

Floral Astrology
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