Vanilla OrchidThe Vanilla Orchid is named after the vanilla flavor and scent that we are all used to seeing in everything from ice cream to body lotion.  What most people don’t know is that this flavor comes from the rare Vanilla Orchid.  This type of Orchid is rare because it is very difficult to propagate naturally and is not recommended for beginners.  It takes several years of growth before a plant will flower, but when ready it will produce a cluster of white vanilla-scented flowers once a year.

These Orchids grow to be very tall and will need something to hang on to.  You can also classify this Orchid as a vine, so it will need something to latch on to.  They will grow extra roots from higher locations that will try to grab onto something and work their way down to the soil.  Provide a pole and something sturdy for your Vanilla Orchid to grow on, or it will fall and pull itself out of its own pot.

With young plants, keep your growing medium a little dryer that you typically would with Orchids.  Keep the moss moist to the touch, but not dripping wet for the first two months or so.  Then, water as you normally would, keeping the growing medium moist to the touch.

This species of Orchid grows well in sphagnum moss, which lets the roots get the air that they need.  Replace this moss every 6-8 months to keep the growing medium fresh and clean.  To keep this plant well fed, they prefer a yearly application of slow feed fertilizer.  A secondary option would be a monthly application of fertilizer mixed in with a watering.

Vanilla Orchids
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