Flowers are a part of almost every memorable activity. Orchids are a popular choice as they can add beauty, elegance and color which liven up any setting. In many cases fresh orchids are preferred, but there can be several advantages that come from choosing to use silk orchids to complement the décor. Here are just a few of the advantages that may be realized from choosing silk orchids rather than fresh.

Advantages to Using Silk Orchids

Silk Orchids are Always in Season

When artificial orchids are used for special events it will not matter if they are in season or not. Each person who desires to use silk orchids to add style and beauty to the decorations for their event are assured of their availability no matter what time of year it is. This also means that they can be purchased a long time in advance of the event, the day before, or at the very last minute. This translates into less time constraints when making plans for decorating and can be cost effective.

No Allergic Reactions

There are many individuals who suffer from various types of allergies or sensitivities. It can be particularly uncomfortable for them to be in an environment which agitates allergies. Using silk orchids provide the same exceptional beauty without causing any discomfort for guests or participants.

Silk Orchids are Durable 

No one questions the raw beauty of the orchid, but depending on various factors like weather conditions or even how they are treated when they are transported, they can wilt or droop. Silk orchids will not fade, wilt, or bruise. They will also have no need of being hydrated which makes them very low maintenance. And as an added benefit, silk orchids can be reused at a later date. For wedding participants this may mean that the bouquet, boutonniere, or other flower arrangements incorporating silk orchids can be preserved forever. For interior designers it can mean that it is easy to change with the seasons.

Mixable Arrangements

For those who choose to use silk orchids, they will find that a beautiful arrangement can be made by mixing in live greenery or flowers. This can add the perfect touch to a bouquet or other flower arrangement. By combining the two, it offers the user a great option which can be less expensive than going with all live flower arrangements. By mixing live and silk arrangements the “live” element is preserved but the arrangement is still quite easy to preserve for those who desire to capture the moment.

Easy to Transport

Transporting live orchids can be very risky as they can be easily damaged or bruised in the process. By switching to silk orchids the threat of damage is lessened and almost nonexistent. Silk options do not have to be maintained while being transported from one location to another. Whether it is just a simply arranged piece to decorate a home or a large wedding arrangement, silk orchids are easily transported to a destination without fear of damage.

Capture Natural Beauty

Silk orchids can be just as stunning as the real thing. They are meticulously designed to mimic and capture the natural beauty of the actual orchid. By choosing these realistically designed orchids, style and beauty are not compromised. Each arrangement can be as complex or as simple as desired to enhance the décor of the environment it will complement. Silk orchids capture the natural beauty, and range from traditional to very elegant and bold. In many cases, silk orchids look so real that they will need to be physically touched in order to tell the difference.

Silk Orchid Prices

Simple single orchids start at $2.99 in major retailer stores. You can get some great handmade silk orchids on etsy for $2 – $5 a piece. Orchid Bouquets (8″ tall) can be purchased for $10 – $20, and the sky is the limit for Orchid Centrepieces ($99 for a simple piece). If you are on a tight budge, you can go for DIY silk orchids (see instructions); buy orchid scent to add warm, seductive, headily intoxicating touch to your silk orchid arrangements.

Silk Orchids