Spider Orchid Care – A Guide to Keeping One Alive

Candy Spider Orchid in full bloom

The Brassia Orchid, or Spider Orchid, is another great genus of the Orchid family. They produce medium-sized spectacular flowers that resemble spiders. In the wild, this attracts spider-killing wasps, a method of spreading pollen from one plant to another. The plant itself takes up a large amount of space with its sprawling spikes and flowers. A single plant will typically have up to 20 blooms at a time in a wide variety of colors. With the introduction of hybrid versions,

9 Orchids That Look Like Animals to Trick Animals and Insects

Amazing Flowers

Almost everyone has seen a beautiful Orchid at some point in their life, but have you seen Orchids that look like animals? Becoming more common with every passing day, you can pick one up at a local flower shop, home improvement store, or even a grocery store.  Orchids have quickly become one of the most sought after flowers to grow at home. What most people don’t know is that Orchids are actually one of the largest groups of species in

My Huge List of Orchid Abbreviations

List of Orchid Abbreviations

Orchids are one of the largest groups of species in the world with over 20,000 accepted species. There are twice as many orchid species as there are bird species on this planet. Orchids can be found on every continent and in just about any climate you will find. I have researched as many orchid abbreviations as I could find for orchid species and constructed this list. That being said, I obviously could not collect all 20,000+ names and put them on

Tulip Mania – The Economic History of Tulips


Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers grown and cut on earth today.  They are perfect for any occasion.  Tulips are not too big or small, not too romantic or childish, but just perfect for almost any occasion.  Throughout the history of Tulips, people caught on to this trend very quickly.  Tulips are native to Persia, where the local population commonly displays them in their turbans.  Europeans first discovered this flower and asked what they were called.  The Persians

The Secrets of Gardening Tulip – Planting Tulips

Tulip Gardening

Tulips are one of the easiest perennial flowers to grow in your garden;  even the most inexperienced grower can bury some Tulip bulbs in the fall.  They will grow slowly over the winter and sprout with beautiful flowers in early spring.  The next thing you know, you will be gardening Tulip. Tulips are perennial flowers, meaning that they will die off in fall and sprout again in spring.  For this to occur, they need to be in an environment with

Tropical Flowering Plants

Bird of Paradise

Orchids (The Most Common Of The Tropical Flowering Plants) Orchids are one of the most common tropical flowering plants that you can readily find.  Not all species of Orchids are tropical, but they all will give you the tropical feel you are looking for.  You can find beautiful Orchids in any color but blue, and in a wide variety of bloom sizes and shapes.  Orchids are given for many occasions, and are prevalent throughout history as a sign of wealth

Paphiopedilum Orchids (Lady-slipper)

Paphiopedium Orchid

The Paphiopedilum orchid flower is one of the truly inspiring types of orchids.  The beautiful shape of pout-like lips is unlike any other flower. The classification of this orchid alone is a long, never-ending list.  For this reason, lady-slipper enthusiasts claim that they should be considered a separate family of flowers and have separate recognition. The key to growing Paphiopedilim orchids is to maintain a good root system.  Lady Slipper orchids need fresh growing medium at all times.  If you let the

Pictures of Orchids


Flowers are some of the most intriguing members of nature, as well as some of the most colorful. Many people enjoy planting them in their yards or gardens to enjoy the beauty they provide and others like to use them as potted plants indoors and out. Selecting new plants can be a difficult task if one does not know what type of environment the flower is accustomed to, especially with delicate flowers such as orchids. Browsing through pictures of orchids

Best 7 sites for pictures of flowers and 50 inspiring images

Best 7 sites for pictures of flowers and 50 inspiring images

There is nothing as quite as captivating as the natural color of flowers; but we are not always able to travel to a location which presents nature’s beauty. But since the advent of the internet we can travel via cyberspace in a matter of seconds to any location no matter how remote and from our computer view even the rarest of flowers. We have collected a group of sites which share pictures of flowers. Below you will find various sites

Orchid Colors: 8 sites about orchid colors and meanings

Orchid Colors: 8 sites about orchid colors and meanings

Who doesn’t love to gaze at the beauty of an orchid? They speak only of natural beauty and their intricate details cause us to wonder. In general, orchids represent beauty, elegance, charm, peace and strength. But in many cultures each orchid and its color has a separate meaning. Here are several different sites which contain information about the availability of orchid colors and what they represent. Some of the sites discuss a single color of orchid and how prevalent it

Orchid pruning: diseased or overgrown

Orchid pruning: diseased or overgrown

It does not matter if orchids were received as a gift, or if they were planted simply to provide aesthetic beauty, there will be time when the flowers begin to fade. Because the orchid is such an exception and out-of-the-ordinary type of flowering plant pruning them can be accompanied by anxiety. Pruning orchids can be beneficial for the plants and is not a difficult task as long as one is careful about how it is pursued. Why prune orchids? As

Silk Orchids

Silk Orchids

Flowers are a part of almost every memorable activity. Orchids are a popular choice as they can add beauty, elegance and color which liven up any setting. In many cases fresh orchids are preferred, but there can be several advantages that come from choosing to use silk orchids to complement the décor. Here are just a few of the advantages that may be realized from choosing silk orchids rather than fresh. Advantages to Using Silk Orchids Silk Orchids are Always

Our List of Orchid Colors

Orchid Colors

Orchids belong to a very diverse plant family and because they have thousands of species they are one of the world’s largest groups of blooming plants. Flowering orchids come in literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes, from tiny blooms to very large ones. Their blooms also come in dozens of different colors and in many cases colors will combine and make unique bi-colored shades. Orchid colors cover a full spectrum of possible colors which makes color choices nearly endless.

Types of Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

  Wedding is that amazingly memorable day that everybody captures in their memory, with you, in case you are the one who is tying the knot, as the strongest guardian of such a pleasant memory. Deciding on the dress, food, venue, guest list and everything is equally important. However, the choice of decisions doesn’t end here. There is one more important one to make for your wedding and that is the choice of flowers that you should have in your wedding. It

Funeral & Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

  Funeral flowers are meant to serve as a tribute to the deceased at the funeral service.  These flowers should never be sent to the home as they are too formal, large and inappropriate for a home or office.  Flowers are used as a symbol of sympathy and respect and are common at funerals in many cultures around the world. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which flowers to present at the funeral.  Here are a few flowers that are

Types of Flowers

Types of flowers

Flowers are loved the world over for their beautiful colors and delicate or dramatic displays.  Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most common and more popular types of flowers. Alstroemeria Alstroemeria can be found, and naturally spreads, in the wild. This is a perennial flower that is usually available in an orange color and stands for the ultimate symbol of friendship. Hybrids of Alstroemeria flower type can be found in a variety of colors like yellow, white,

Orchid Origin | History of Orchids

Origin of orchids

Orchids are one of the most sought-after flowers. They are expensive, elegant, dainty, rare to find and possess a miraculous beauty. Of course not everyone can afford to buy an orchid on their way home as a gift too often. However, even a one-time gift of an orchid signifies feelings of love, romance and friendship.  In this article, we will discuss the history of orchids (or orchid origin) Orchid Origin: To better understand the origin of the orchid flower you

What is the King of Flowers?


There are many beautiful and unique treasures for us to admire within the natural world. One of those is of course the flower, or perhaps all flowers. Each flower has a different meaning, a look more astonishing than the other, or a fragrance that is breath-taking. Whenever we have no idea what to get as a present for somebody’s birthday, we often think of flowers. Frequently when we want to thank someone or apologize, we buy them flowers. You might

Growing Flowers in Pots

growing flowers in a pot

Flowers and plants in pots can look beautiful. Indoors or outdoors they can add charm to any space.  However, their care and maintenance can be an issue for some people as many potted flowers do not grow all year long and require attention to maintain long term appeal. Following are some ideas, techniques and methods for growing flowers in pots for your home. Flowers That Grow Best in Pots The flowers and plants that will grow best in pots are

Flowers for Friendship

yellow rose flowers for friendship

Flowers are the best way to convey one’s feeling. The language of flowers is such an auspicious language that it can help to set anybody’s mood for the day. However, the common association attached to flowers most of the time is that flowers are meant to be a present for lovers or on somebody’s death bed. It is not unusual to give flowers as a symbol of love to a wife, girlfriend  or partner. But which are the best to