Orchids belong to a very diverse plant family and because they have thousands of species they are one of the world’s largest groups of blooming plants. Flowering orchids come in literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes, from tiny blooms to very large ones. Their blooms also come in dozens of different colors and in many cases colors will combine and make unique bi-colored shades. Orchid colors cover a full spectrum of possible colors which makes color choices nearly endless. These are some of the most common colors of orchids.

Shades of Pink


Some orchids have blooms that range from very soft or pale pink to a very deep magenta or rose color. The Cattleya Orchids are some of the most popular types used in corsages because they are varying shades of pink. The Skinneri species has a beautiful bi-shaded blossom which is pink or lavender while the throat is a very deep magenta. Some species have petals which are pale pink, lips that are deep magenta but a throat which is yellow. Pink colored orchids are among some of the favorite choices because of their variety and beauty.

Shades of Yellow


There are several different types of orchids which have blooms which are yellow in color. The Oncidium ampliatum has a blossom that is a very deep shade of yellow and when they are viewed from above the blossom looks like a turtle. Some species of orchids have yellow petals with a deep red throat in the center. Others are considered to be “tiger striped” because they are predominantly yellow but have red colored blotches. Yellow orchids are rarer than some of the other colors but some species such as the moth orchids have several flowers that are different shades of yellow.

Shades of Red


Orchids which are a shade of red can have a dramatic effect. Specifically, the “Lava Burst” is relatively small but it vibrantly lives up to its name. The flower is more of a long row or spike which is red-orange or red-and-yellow in color. Many times hybrid orchids produce a variety of red flowers. There are some varieties which are predominantly red but have a very small white center. One particular variety has a fragrant, deep red flower that is especially dark. This is a favorite for use in corsages.

What About White Orchids?


There are some varieties of orchids that are white. These species are typically pollinated by nocturnal animals or insects and to them white is the most eye-catching color. The Aerangis and the Amesiella are examples of white orchids. One added bonus to the white orchid is that they are typically very fragrant during the nighttime hours. This is because pollinators have to rely on the scent more than visual cues.

Colors of Hybrids


Green is not the first color that comes to mind when thinking of shades of flowers. But some hybrid flowers are a very attractive shade of green. In many cases, the green is combined with other colors such as yellow. Some hybrids have very colorful highlights that just have some green mixed in. One hybrid has medium green petals with stripes of pink.

Dyed Orchids


Orchids have blooms that come in many exciting and beautiful colors but some colors are less common than the others. When a particula color is not available, orchids can be dyed. One of the most common colors to dye an orchid is blue. Orchids do come in blue, but they are very difficult to locate. When orchids are dyed they will continue to bloom if properly cared for; but future blooms will return to the plant’s natural color which is typically white.


Our List of Orchid Colors
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