Oncidium Orchids

Yellow Oncidium orchid

Oncidium Orchids are cousins of the Lady Slipper and Moth orchids.  These Orchids need abundant amounts of light to produce large flowers.  This is one of the few Orchids that typically enjoys a few hours a day of direct sunlight.  You should notice light green leave and dark green is a sign of an inadequate amount of light. The roots of a Onicidium Orchid are prone to root rot and need a period of dryness between each watering.  This makes

Vanilla Orchids

Vanilla Orchid

The Vanilla Orchid is named after the vanilla flavor and scent that we are all used to seeing in everything from ice cream to body lotion.  What most people don’t know is that this flavor comes from the rare Vanilla Orchid.  This type of Orchid is rare because it is very difficult to propagate naturally and is not recommended for beginners.  It takes several years of growth before a plant will flower, but when ready it will produce a cluster

Cymbidium Orchids


 Another very popular orchid, Cymbidium Orchids are best known for corsages and related purposes.  They are very long-lasting and some even last for a few months.  An additional plus point to this orchid is that it lasts long even when it has been separated from the mother flower to the vase on you dining table.  These orchids can produce a lot many fragrant flower blooms on a single spike.Cymbidium Orchids like warm days and cool nights.  For best blooming results,

Complete Care Guide to Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis "the moth orchid"

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is the most commonly found orchid.  They can be purchased just about anywhere that sells flowers and indoor plants.  Phalaenopsis are extremely common because they are easily available everywhere, are the easiest to grow and re-bloom under home conditions, and have long-lasting flowers that are colorful and some are even blossom with a sweet fragrance. You may also hear these referred to as Moth Orchids because the blooming flowers are said to look like moths in flight. 

List of the Best Types of Orchids

Disa Orchids

The orchid, a flower of elegance and magnificent beauty, has over 700 types, more than  25,000 species and over 100,000 cross-breeds or hybrids. Did you know that? Well, you do now. Amazing, isn’t it! Such a splendid flower multiplied by these numbers means so many varieties of orchid flowers that a person could talk on and on about them. However, there are some kinds of orchids that are most commonly known and are available for commercial or private purposes. Did

Kinds of Orchids

Orchid has one of the biggest flower families, following 120 are the most notable orchids. Aa Abdominea Acampe Acanthephippium Aceratorchis Acianthus Acineta Acrorchis Ada Aerangis Aeranthes Aerides Aganisia Agrostophyllum Amitostigma Anacamptis Ancistrochilus Angraecum Anguloa Ansellia Aorchis Aplectrum Arethusa Armodorum Ascocenda Ascocentrum Ascoglossum Australorchis Auxopus Baptistonia Barbrodia Barkeria Barlia Bartholina Beloglottis Biermannia Bletilla Brassavola Brassia Bulbophyllum Calypso Catasetum Cattleya Cirrhopetalum Cleisostoma Clowesia Coelogyne Coryanthes Cymbidium Cyrtopodium Cypripedium Dactylorhiza Dendrobium Disa Dracula Encyclia Epidendrum Epipactis Eria Eulophia Gongora Goodyera Grammatophyllum Gymnadenia Habenaria Herschelia