What Do White Roses Mean?

White rose meaning

White rose meaningRoses are believed to be the kings of all flowers because of their supreme beauty and sweet aroma. Roses are of many different colours like red, yellow, pink, orange, white, blue, and so on with different colours of signifying different human emotions. What do white roses mean? Let us find out in this article.


White roses signify new beginning

White roses are the epitome of beauty and royal elegance. They are usually associated with new beginnings like marriage or the start of a new venture. They are also used to tell the person that you remember him a lot. White roses have certain quiet beauty about them, making them perfect gifts to show your reverence for a person of stature like your teacher or a leader. When the occasion demands sobriety, there is nothing like a bouquet of white roses to carry in your hands.


They are used to signal remembrance

White roses mean remembrance in a very clear manner. You can easily convey the message ‘I am thinking of you’ by giving personally or sending through another person or courier a bunch or bouquet of white roses. You can make use of these beautiful flowers to also bid farewell to a neighbour or a friend when relocating or going away to a new place.


As a mark of purity and chastity

White roses have another meaning and that is purity and innocence. This is   the reason why they are considered suitable when meeting the matriarch of a family or a lady who has become a new mother. They are also meant to show respect to an individual whether he is older or holds a higher rank than the giver.


Following are some of the human emotions with which white roses are deeply associated with.

  • Innocence
  • Purity
  • Reverence
  • Respect
  • Heavenly
  • Humility
  • Spirituality


Before red roses took over the mantle of romance, it was white roses that were the symbol of eternal love or pure love. It still retains its value and significance as a wedding flower and given to the bride as a mark of respect and appreciation.  However, these beautiful flowers reflect purity and reverence more than love in modern times.


White roses are used to show respect to a departed soul as these flowers are symbols of purity and respect. They are the first choice as a gift when going to meet a religious figure or a spiritual head.

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