Tropical Flowering Plants

Bird of Paradise

Orchids (The Most Common Of The Tropical Flowering Plants) Orchids are one of the most common tropical flowering plants that you can readily find.  Not all species of Orchids are tropical, but they all will give you the tropical feel you are looking for.  You can find beautiful Orchids in any color but blue, and […]

Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants

Holiday Decorating with Flowers & Plants

  Adding flowers to the décor of your house on holidays gives a splendid beauty and elegance to it. And if you have fresh flowersand plantsin abundance growing in your backyard then you need not worry about the expense it would incur.     All you have to do is to just worry about that […]

How to grow Orchids at home

Dendrobium Orchid

  Growing an orchid sounds like climbing a mountain to some. However, if you learn the art of doing so, it’s really a piece of cake and is soon to become your addiction. Think of all the beautiful, colorful plants that would add to your indoor surroundings. You’ll need not have any artificial flowers or […]