Facts About The Goat Orchid

Goat Orchid

The Goat orchid produces a beautiful flower that, despite the name, in fact looks a little like a horned bee. It is because of these horns that this orchid is also often referred to as the Goat Orchid. This orchid is actually a part of the bee like orchids family but some scientists and botanists […]

Facts About The Fly Orchid

Fly Orchid

Sometimes nature comes up with ingenious ways to attract pollinators – by sexual deception! Fly Orchids flowers are shaped just like female flies.  Male insects are attracted to the flower so they come to mate. Once they land, pollen gets stuck on their bodies which in turn fertilizes the next orchid that they fly to. […]

Facts About The Dove Orchid

Dove Orchid

The Dove Orchid belongs to the genus of the orchid species known as Peristeria which is a Greek word that means dove. This orchid is also frequently referred to as the Holy Spirit Orchid or the Holy Ghost Orchid.  The Dove Orchid is the national flower of Panama. This orchid species has been designated as […]

Facts About The Donkey Orchid

Donkey Orchid

The scientific name Diuris of the plant called Donkey Orchid is derived from Greek prefixes Di meaning two and ouris meaning tail. One understands this nomenclature when he sees the two lateral hanging petals. These petals look like two hanging ears of a donkey. When the petals swing in air, they literally resemble a donkey […]

Facts About The Bird Head Orchid

Bird Head Orchid

This is a unique species of orchids which has flowers that look like both a moth as well as a bird head. This is the reason why it is called a bird head orchid in some places while it is referred to as a moth orchid in other places. From a distance, the flower resembles a […]

Facts About The Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid

The look of these Ghost Orchids look similar to Green Squid Orchid (Encyclia Cochleata) or the Hanging Naked Man Orchid (Orchis italica). They also resemble the look of a frog but they are actually most known as Ghost Orchids. Ghost orchid is a perennial orchid that is an epiphyte in nature. Lindenii in its scientific […]

Facts About Green Squid Orchid

Green Squid Orchid

Earlier referred to as Encyclia Cochleata, the Green Squid orchid is an epiphytic orchid that is native to Central America and the Caribbean. However, it can also be occasionally terrestrial and seen growing on the ground. The flowers of this orchid are unusual not just in their resemblance to Green Squids but also because of […]